About the Lodge

After opening in 1975, The Horsemen Lodge quickly became a popular hangout for Babbitt cowboys working on the CO Bar ranch. The steakhouse—named “Horsemen” in the effort to pay homage to the ranching lifestyle—is decorated with authentic cowboy attire, memorabilia, and artwork. This way, The Horsemen Lodge doesn’t just offer a hearty, cowboy-inspired menu, but it also offers an overall Southwestern experience.

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Our Beef

We pride ourselves on offering the best steakhouse experience in Northern Arizona, and personally visited farms and ranches throughout the US to ensure that the beef at Horsemen Lodge are the best in Flagstaff- period. The Horsemen Lodge’s premium USDA certified, all natural Black Angus beef is hand-selected by Creekstone Farms to guarantee top quality. We’re proud to offer beef with a 100% vegetarian diet, and an antibiotic and hormone free upbringing. The Creekstone Farms facility is constructed according to Dr. Mary Temple Grandin’s groundbreaking slaughterhouse design, which promotes a more humane upbringing and stress-reducing environment- all leading to a superior steak.

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